Mastership Laser Therapy

This course is aimed at dentists who would like to specialize in certain wavelenghts. Participants are taught fundamental physical and technical knowledge and how to recognize primary, secondary, and tertiary indications.

Study format: Mastership / Fellowship
Duration: 1 year

Course Structure & Format

The course is divided into four modules requiring 12 days of attendance over a one year period.

  • Laser safety including Laser Safety Officer certification: Laser construction, function and handling.
  • Erbium Lasers: An introduction to the physial and technical properties of Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG Lasers and their application is provided. Laser-tissue interactions for these wavelengths are also discussed. Skill training on modules and patients is held.
  • Diode Lasers, Photodynamic Therapy: Participants learn the technical-physical principles of diode lasers and their application. The clinical indications of diode lasers are introduced and demonstrations as well as skill-training and patient treatment are performed.


Written examination and presentation of five clinical treatments cases.


After successful completion of an examination at RWTH Aachen University in Germany, participants will receive a mastership or fellowship certificate, recognising them as a specialist in laser therapy in dentistry. This RWTH Aachen University certificate may be credited towards the corresponding modules of the M.Sc. Lasers in Dentistry programme.

Presentation of a certificate of the RWTH International Academy

Mastership / Fellowship Courses 2021/2022

Please note that there may be changes in the start dates


Start date

South Africa

October 2021


January 2022


March 2022


March 2022


March 2022

Further Information

For more information regarding Mastership/Fellowship courses please send your inquiry to:

Leon Vanweersch / General Manager
Aachen Dental Laser Center - AALZ