Robotics & Industry 4.0

The rise of collaborative robots is making it possible to automate monotonous tasks. In addition to large production facilities, this also puts SMEs in a position to relieve employees and increase their added value.
With the help of our courses, you will gain the knowledge to understand, classify and successfully apply the technological foundations for digital transformation.

RWTH Seminar Roadmap2Automation

Robotic Handling - Your Way to Automation for Production/Logistics

Benefit from this introductory course in robotic automation in order to follow the path towards automated processes using robots with the right tools and the necessary specialist knowledge in a safe and focused manner. Try out different industrial robots and mobile platforms and gain a first insight into robot programming.

RWTH Seminar Selection of a Driverless Transport System (DTS)

Systematic analysis of Automation Solutions

Gain an overview of the driverless transport systems (DTS) available on the market and their specific areas of application. Taking into account the structural changes that the integration of driverless transport systems entails in the current production process, you will learn methods for the appropriate selection of robots and present different DTS in an interactive simulation.

Seminar Roadmap2Automation
Seminar Selection of a Driverless Transport System DTS

RWTH Workshop Introduction to Sensor Technology

Project-specific Selection of a Sensor Network for Mobile Robot Applications

Gain an overview of the field of sensor technology and the project-specific composition of a sensor network. Risks and characteristics of local and global sensor systems can be assessed and applied in a targeted manner.

RWTH Seminar Smart Cognition

Robot-assisted Environmental Perception in the Plant 4.0

Strengthen your skills in efficient plant and production planning by gaining a basic understanding of environmental perception and how robotic units move around. This enables you to design an efficient and safe plant layout.

Seminar Introduction to Sensor Technology

RWTH Seminar Interconnection of Robot Systems

Cooperation in Collaborative Robotics  

Gain an insight into the networking possibilities of robots in a production line. Learn how robotic perception of other robots within the production line as well as environmental changes can be achieved through appropriate networking (in cloud systems) and how this influences human-involved production lines or changes at workplaces.

Seminar Interconnection of Robot Systems

Inhouse Possibility

One or more of the courses from the area of robotics & industry 4.0, or parts of courses would also be interesting for your entire team/your company? Then: Our team for your team! We would be happy to advise you on the possibility of an in-house course. Call us or write to us - we will tailor your further training to your individual requirements.

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