Welcome to the summer term Paroma 2023!

For our students of the part-time M.Sc. Periodontology (Paroma) 2023 it is already their second semester and they came back to Aachen for the third time.

The third attendance phase focuses on emergencies and maintenance. We focus not only on periodontological emergencies, but also on general medical situations that may occur in the dental office.

Foundation for an emergency routine

In order to broaden the knowledge of our students and to lay the foundation for an emergency routine, our students practice different medical situations during the day: strokes, heart attacks, fainting – the list of possible situations is quite long, and we want our students to be prepared for the most probable ones.

With this additional training, we enable them to feel even more confident in their daily work environment and to provide the best possible care to their patients. And the best part about it? How our lecturers act as patients to make the situations as real as possible!

The module "Maintenance, Peri-Implantitis and DVT Diagnostics" focuses more on the dentistry side of this attendance phase. In addition to various powder yet techniques and devices, our students were also trained in the use of a specific software to develop, plan and model 3D images of implants and their placement.

We would like to thank all of our lecturers for their support during this attendance period and all of the students who traveled to Aachen to learn together again.

Next month will be the last time we meet –  but we look forward to seeing you again soon!