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New part-time degree program: M.Sc. Applied Health Informatics and Digital Medicine

Exciting news! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new part-time Master's Degree Program M.Sc. Applied Health Informatics and Digital Medicine. Our program offers you a unique opportunity to master medical data integration, data analytics, and machine learning in a medical context. This creates the foundation for innovative, data-driven diagnostics and therapy.

As a graduate of this master's program, you will

  • gain the skills to acquire, merge, and cleanse medical data from multiple sources
  • have in-depth medical and information technology expertise for medical decision support in diagnostics and therapeutics
  • enable improved patient care and advanced medical research

Become part of the digital transformation!

Our program is designed for physicians, life science graduates, and computer scientists who want to shape the future of medicine. The combination of medical and informatics expertise is essential to meet the challenges of digital transformation in healthcare.

Join our community of health informatics experts and shape the future of digital medicine!

Duration: 4 semesters | Language: English | Costs: 6.650€ per semester | Application start: December 2023