Event Management


Exchange with scientists and experts regarding the latest research is essential in all professional circles. Symposia, as a special form of communication, are in many respects of high potential to all. We will accompany you to your desired results and will contribute with our services to making your conference a successful event.

The organisation of a symposium is evidently a challenging undertaking, even without the dramaturgical compilation of speeches, keynotes, work groups, and discussions. It demands meticulous and profound accuracy so as to appeal to distinguished experts through an interesting programme. The quality of a conference also greatly depends on the many details surrounding it. Only if all the parameters, such as facilities, technical issues, or catering run smoothly and inconspicuously, is it possible to concentrate on the professional aspects, making your conference a success. 

The “Conference Office” assumes and carries out all necessary services surrounding events (symposia, conferences, conventions…) for the faculties and institutions of the RWTH Aachen University and the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen. All tasks, from catering to financial transactions, are centrally bundled and executed in cooperation with professional service providers. The Conference Office has an extensive regional network at its disposal that can cover all issues in connection with the event and implement them efficiently. However, we also specialise in festivities and social (side) events, such as the big graduation ceremony of the RWTH Aachen with approximately 5000 guests.

We will accompany you in achieving your desired results and contribute to making your event an unforgettable experience.


Alexandra Gehlen

Alexandra Gehlen

Head of Conference Office

E-mail: A.Gehlen@academy.rwth-aachen.de