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In close cooperation with you, we will develop a holistic and company-specific teaching concept that does justice to your strategic business processes:

In the areas of production technology, quality management and engineering, the entire research and knowledge infrastructure of RWTH Aachen University, renowned lecturers and a broad network of partners guarantee access to practical knowledge. This enables participation in innovative research and teaching and the simple transfer of the newly acquired knowledge into everyday business life.

Our Topics

Production Technology

▶ Technology and Innovation Management
▶ Automation and Steering Technology
▶ Digitalization and Digital Transformation
▶ Industrial Data Processing
▶ Data Science
▶ Optimizing Logistics

Quality Management

▶ Six Sigma Yellow Belt
▶ Six Sigma Green Belt
▶ Six Sigma Black Belt


▶ Life Cycle Assessment
▶ Aluminum Technology

Your Benefits

▶ innovative contents
▶ solution-oriented practical application
▶ sustainable learning effects
▶ effective transfer of knowledge into business

Regardless of the subject areas suitable for you - our modular teaching concept offers you the opportunity to put together your personal further training program. Choosing amongst various modules, you can make specialists and managers as well as entire organizational units fit for your strategic goals. Naturally, we are always available to advise you!

Select the appropriate elements for your inhouse program:

Modular Training Concept

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We Look Forward to Advising You

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Jael Schröder, Kim Schönberg)


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