Degree Documents

Process Overview

Upon finishing your Master’s thesis your final grade will be displayed in your Transcript of Records as soon as the Central Examination Office received all of your grades.
It will take up to 2 months before the physical degree documents are printed, stamped and signed. If you need an official proof of graduation or have any other general questions, you can request the Preliminary Certificate at the Central Examination Office.

Attention: Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic it may take a longer time before your degree documents are finished. Please remain patient!

As soon as the documents are prepared, the Central Examination office transfers them to the RWTH International Academy. Upon receiving them, we will contact you via your RWTH Aachen email address.

In case you live outside of the region: We prepare your degree documents for sending via DHL or FedEx to the address you stated. We bear all the costs for the delivery.

In case you live in the region: We will set an appointment with you to pick up the degree in person. Alternatively, you can receive the degree during the open office hours.

Important: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we currently send all degree documents via mail (DHL or FedEx).

Special notes for the delivery with DHL