Confirmation Letters

Visa Extension

Your student Visa may expire before you finish your Master’s degree. This can happen, when you extend your contract for example. In that case, you need to set an appointment with your local Immigration Office 6 weeks before your Visa expires. They will require a confirmation letter stating your expected graduation date and confirming your enrollment at the university.

Visa Extension - Contact Form

If the local Immigration Office requires a “Studienverlaufsbescheinigung”, you need to check Assessment of your Academic Advisor.

Internship Confirmation Letter

Whether you start a voluntary or mandatory internship, the company will usually request a document confirming your enrollment, the permission to absolve the internship and for how long you are allowed to do your internship in Germany with a Student Visa.

Internship - Contact Form

Documents for Embassies

If you obtain the opportunity to go abroad for research or even your Master’s thesis, the respective embassy may require documents confirming your enrollment, permission to conduct a section of your studies abroad on our part and your return to Germany to finish your Master’s degree after the permit to stay ends. This confirmation letter is issued by us.
In case you need this kind of document, please contact us at:

Assessment of your Academic Advisor
Pass Certificate and Preliminary Certificate