Summer Mentor Program

About the Program

The Summer Mentor program of RWTH International Academy - in cooperation with RWTH International Office - is a unique opportunity for RWTH and FH students to volunteer and experience an unforgettable summer at the same time. Different to the Buddy program of the International Office, our Summer Mentors spend a rather short, but especially intensive time of two, three or four weeks with one group of students they accompany.

As a Summer Mentor you will play a key role for our Summer School students. With a group of other Mentors you will be responsible for the support of our international students during social events and their free time. Even before their arrival, you are there to answer the student's questions about the city and what to expect. Once they have arrived in Aachen, you welcome them, help them form a group and organize fun events for them.

What we offer
Examplary Activities

Information for Mentors

Are you a RWTH or FH Aachen student and up to making new friends from all over the world? Become a Summer Mentor for our Summer School students!

Mentoring Workshops
Maastricht Old Town
Scavenger Hunt
Busride to Cologne 2017