To ease the preparation for your participation and your stay in Germany, we prepared a list regarding your most frequently asked questions. Please read our FAQs carefully and contact us via mail in case of further questions.


Am I eligible for an RWTH Winter School program?
Can I apply for more than one program?
Which documents do I need for my application?
What are the application deadlines?

Travel Documents

Which travel documents do I need?

Fees & Scholarships

What are the fees for the Winter School?
Are there scholarships for the Winter Schools?
How can I pay the course fees?


What is the language of instruction?
How long is the duration of a Winter School?
What do I need to wear or bring?
When do I have to arrive?

Accommodation & Food

Do I stay in a single or shared room?
Can I be in the same room as my friend?
What will be provided for breakfast, lunch, dinner?
I have special dietary requirements. Can you cater for me?