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Scholarship Announcement

RWTH International Academy Scholarships


Regarding our Summer Schools in 2022, applications will be accepted from December onwards!

We are glad to announce that we award scholarships for selected Summer School programs every year. If you are studying engineering or a related field of study in one of our designated countries, you are eligible for our scholarships. Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. Important: Please view the application information.

Eligible Countries in 2021

Australia Brazil Canada Colombia Egypt
Indonesia Korea Malaysia Russia Turkey

Partial Scholarship - ON-CAMPUS FORMAT ONLY

The scholarships awarded by RWTH International Academy aim to support high potential students with partial scholarships. One third of the total course fee is granted. Therefore, RWTH International Academy supports the students with a deduction of 33% of the course fees.

Remaining course fee 1,327 EUR 1,994 EUR
Partial Scholarship 2-week program 3-week program
General course fee 1,990 EUR 2,990 EUR
Scholarship deduction - 663 EUR - 996 EUR

The course fees contain an 'all-inclusive' package.

5 Summer Schools eligible for funding:

Application Information

As a scholarship holder, you support us as our ambassador to reach out to students from all over the world. In detail, we therefore ask you to do the following:

During the Summer Schools, you will be featured in media appearances.
After the Summer School, you will provide us with a written testimonial.
Back at home, you will share your experience with your student community. You can do this e.g. by giving a lecture at your home university or by posting on your own blog.

Note: Please outline your ideas in your motivation letter.

Application documents

Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation via email. Your application will be assessed carefully and you will hear from us soon. Thank you for your patience.

Since we can only offer a limited number of Scholarships it can be possible that you might not receive a Scholarship even though your educational performance is outstanding.

In that case we would still be happy to welcome you as a regular participant. Please let us know while applying if this would be an option for you - simply click the according box in the scholarship application form! This will give you a further possibility to become part of this excellent program.