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Full online experience | Summer School

Online Course includes:

Welcome Day

On your first day, you will be welcomed by the Summer School Team. Together, we will get to know your fellow class mates by playing some fun games, help you settle into your new remote learning environment, and take a look at the next weeks to come. After this day, you will know exactly what to expect from each day and you will know how to make the most of the teaching and support of the lecturers.

Online Lectures

The course will be highly interactive and will contain a lot of intensive and fun teamwork. Therefore, our lecturers will keep all theoretical sessions rather short to give you more time for the practical sessions.

The lectures and course materials are included in the Online Course fees for each program. More details can be found on the specific pages on Academic Content & Certificates.


The digital Summer Schools will focus on exercise sessions and case studies, which have been carefully designed for a remote learning environment. For example, there are business simulation games in which your group will be managing a virtual company. Under time pressure and limited resources you find yourself in a competition that is highly fascinating to win. Practical examples, simulation tools and programs used in industry make it easy for you to transfer your newly gained knowledge into real life.


The Summer School emphasizes group work using a learning-by-doing approach. The knowledge acquired in the lectures will be applied in practical activities and case studies. You will form small groups (usually 5 students) and work together. The group work will be actively as well as passively supported by the lecturers, with whom you may schedule meetings for discussing and elaborating on your work and projects.

Virtual Social Events

The Summer School Team has more than 10 years of experience in organizing social events for international students. We offer you a wide range of virtual events to experience German culture and student life at RWTH Aachen University (subject to availability depending on the program). Fun activities will enhance your intercultural competences and help you connect and make friends.

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Summer Mentors

All Online Courses will have their own Summer Mentors, who will help you to get to know Aachen from a true student’s perspective. Your Mentors, who are typically students enrolled at RWTH Aachen University, can tell you more about academic and cultural practices in Germany and you will meet them during our Social Events.

Summer Mentor Details


All good things come to an end and good new things are about to start. During the final day of the Summer School, together, we will recap the last weeks, share our experiences, and celebrate an adequate farewell. As highlight, you will receive your RWTH Aachen University certificates.