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Aachen - Live where History meets Technology

Get to know Aachen right at the beginning of your Online Course in our virtual Sightseeing Tour. The city's historic center around the distinctive cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is characterized by the student lifestyle. We will show you the old part of the city and introduce you to the campus, typical food and sights, so that you get the feeling of being right here with us.

Experience Internationality

Only a few kilometers from the city center you will find the "border triangle", where the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet. The charm of this area lies in the colorful mixture of languages and people as well as in the short travel distances to cities like Amsterdam, Cologne or even Paris. In order for you to experience the internationality in your online course we will spend an intercultural evening together. You will get to know German habits, traditions and values, have the chance to present your culture and learn about the other nationalities represented in the course.