Coronavirus Information

Status: January 18, 2021

At this stage, we are planning and hoping to be able to conduct our 2021 Summer Schools on campus in Aachen - and put everything on this card. We would be very glad to welcome you to Aachen and have a wonderful summer experience together; just like we did with our international students before 2020.

Of course we also like to be realistic, indeed, which is why we have elaborated backup plans up our sleeves allowing us to react quickly to the COVID-19 developments here and in your home countries.

experience excellent teaching from RWTH Aachen
network with professors, institutes and industry
get practical examples for everything you learn
benefit from intercultural exchange
learn to know the German way of life
receive a RWTH Certificate

On-Campus Summer Schools

If our 2021 Summer Schools take place on campus and you are part of it, be assured that we guarantee the highest security standard possible throughout all parts of the all-inclusive program:

"all-inclusive" package
face-to-face lectures and exercises
hands-on learning
institute, lab, and company visits
excursions and social events

Once you arrive in Aachen and move into your accommodation you will meet your roommate(s), together with who you build one reference unit from then on. This peer unit will accompany you though the every-day academic program, social events, excursions and free time without any distance. Sticking to all common hygiene rules furthermore allows you to connect with the other participants of the Summer School, build great friendships and enjoy your everyday life in Aachen like a normal student.

Precautionary Measures

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Aachen in 2021!

distance-learning Summer School - Backup Plan

In 2020 we experienced that distance-learning can also be an excellent option to realize Short Courses - without any boundaries. Therefore, almost all our 2021 summer programs will have a ditance-learning back-up allowing us to conduct our content in a safe remote space, in case international travel restrictions hinder us from doing it here in Aachen. Please check the respective program website(s) for more information.

If you are part of the online Summer Schools you won't miss:

online learning platform
interactive online lectures & tutorials
case studies for group work & self study
virtual social and cultural events
mixed/international group

Process and Communication

Be informed on the program website, if your course takes place on-campus or in a remote environment.

In case we switch the teaching format of our program(s) to distance-learning, we will directly inform our student community about all necessary changes. We recommend to check our website and social media channels regularly or subscribe to our newsletter.

In the event of switching to a distance-learning format, the program fee reduces to a 60% of the regular program fee.

Should you have already paid the program fee at this time, of course you will be reimbursed the difference in fees. Please note that the Early Bird discount or scholarships don't apply to the reduced fee. If you decide not to take part in the distance-learning format, you will be given the opportunity to cancel your participation according to the conditions mentioned in the participation agreement.

reduced distance-learning fees

Duration On-campus Fee Distance-learning Fee
2 weeks 1.990,- € 1.194,- €
3 weeks 2.990,- € 1.794,- €
4 weeks 3.750,- € 2.250,- €