High and Medium Voltage Switching Devices and Switchgears

This seminar gives an overview of the construction and the functionality of components and facilities for the transfer and distribution of energy. Beginning with fundamental physics and covering everything through economical aspects, the technology of the switching devices and switchgears will be comprehensively discussed. One of these aspects is, e.g., the functionality of utilised equipment such as switching devices, switchgears, or protection devices and their construction and connection in the mains. First hand experience with new technology from the viewpoint of power supply companies and legal information on regulations and standards will also be covered.

Who should participate?

The seminar is open for engineers and interested persons with an industrial background, energy supply companies, universities for applied sciences and universities, as well as for students of the RWTH Aachen University who, as part of their studies, can take an exam on the covered subjects at the Institute for High Voltage Technology. The seminar is free of charge for students of the RWTH (registration only through the Campus Office).

Dates: June 15 to 16, 2020


Format:                          Seminar

Duration:                        2 days

Contents:                      Construction and functionality of components and devices for the transfer and distribution of energy

Language:                    German


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