Student Life in Pictures

The IAM of RWTH Aachen and RWTH International Academy aim to make your stay in Aachen both as productive and as exciting as possible. For the latter purpose, you may join a whole array of experiences and activities: we provide an extensive social and cultural programme starting from day one of your time in Aachen. Our activities include:

  • intercultural workshops to smooth your way for a great start in Aachen
  • frequent field trips to German companies
  • seminars that will sharpen your scientific skill set
  • job searching seminars preparing you for a successful career in Germany
  • sports events, casual get-togethers, hikes, holiday celebrations, barbecues, city tours etc.

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Links of RWTH Aachen University


Culture & Sports

  • Cinemas in Aachen (link is external): The Cinecarree is the biggest cinema in Aachen. Besides that, there are others like the Apollo (that also transforms to a bar/club at some days of the week) or the Eden Palast (that e.g. offers operas or theatre plays from time to time).
  • Museums in Aachen (link is external): There is much more to see in Aachen than only the Rathaus (city hall) and the Dom (cathedral), even if those two buildings are really worth visiting. Aachen has got a newspaper museum, a museum for international art and many more.
  • Theatres in Aachen (link is external): There are many different theatres in Aachen: From those ones that present plays in traditional Aachen dialect (Öcher Platt) to those that offer plays especially attractive to young people. Students can get a great discount and enjoy different plays at an incredibly good price.
  • Aachen Sports League (link is external) (Alemannia Aachen)
  • Spa / Hot Springs (link is external): Aachen is very famous for its hot springs. The European emperor Charlemagne (about 800 AD), made Aachen the capital of his empire and his residence because of the hot springs and the healing potential they have. They are a great opportunity to relax, especially after a long study week.

General Practical Information about Aachen: Institutions / Transport

  • Air Traffic: Maastricht Aachen Airport / Cologne Bonn Airport / Duesseldorf International Airport
  • Bus Schedule (link is external): for transportation in and around Aachen (ASEAG)
  • City of Aachen (link is external): City council, public facilities like museums and swimming pools, information about registration, etc.
  • Taxis, for example Taxi Gering (link is external)
  • Trains (link is external) (national/international): The Deutsche Bahn has, besides the Semester Ticket (free transport with bus and trains in the whole state of North Rhine Westphalia), special offers for travelling around Germany (Schönes Wochenende Ticket), to Paris (about 3 hours with Thalys), etc.

Medical Care and Safety