Academic Content

Speed up your master studies by covering missing knowledge in mechanical engineering prior to the start!

RWTH MEC is designed especially for students who wish to brush up on some of the subjects required for a Master program. A Master’s degree program at RWTH Aachen University requires a very advanced and specialized level of technical knowledge. Students will have the chance to cover potentialily missing technical knowledges in order to fulfil the admission requirements for the Master's degree program and are able to concurrently complete their Bachelor's Thesis at one of the leading technical universities in Germany in a double tutor system with a Professor from RWTH Aachen University and a Professor from your home University.

The Institute of General Mechanics (IAM) of the RWTH Aachen University are responsible for the academic content of the “International Guest Student Program” the program’s lectures, tutorials, Internship and Bachelor Thesis work.

Basic courses
Elective courses


At the end of each course, there will be an exam in written, oral or presentation form. Upon successful completion, you will receive an Expert Certificate from RWTH Aachen University stating your final grade of the course and your ECTS.