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"Keeping hearts and minds together"

RWTH Aachen wants to stay in touch with its alumni. Alumni include all graduates, former employees, doctoral candidates, professors, and visiting researchers; in short, all those, who have gained experiences and brought their own to RWTH in research, teaching, and collaboration, and who wish to keep in contact after their departure. The University and alumni mutually profit from the exchange of knowledge and experience during their time together and apart. The goal of alumni mentorship is to maintain and strengthen these connections.

Source: RWTH Alumni
Once you have passed your final exam and have submitted your master's thesis succesfully, you are only a few steps away from your prospective career paths as a RWTH (M.Sc.) Graduate. Here, you can find the last administrative and organisational steps for graduating students.

As soon as the ZPA has received the student's final grade (usually on the master's thesis), it will prepare the final transcript and degree certificate. More information:

Academic Transcripts and M.Sc. Certificate
Time to Celebrate - Your Graduation
Next Steps after Graduation
Alumni Portal Registration
Residence Permit for Job Search
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