Students in Aachen may either live in a private apartment, share a flat with other class mates (Wohngemeinschaft = "WG") - a cheap and fun alternative to the dormitories, or in a student dormitory (~10 %).

Please calculate at least 350 EUR per month for accommodation.

Aachen has about 250,000 inhabitants, 45,000 of which are students, and only 5,000 of them live in student dormitories. Most students live in private sector accommodation. In Germany, it is not common that students are allocated a dormitory room along with admission.
Since the RWTH Aachen University is not a campus university in the traditional sense, students may have to travel between different buildings located throughout the city, e.g. by bus or by bike. Due to the good infrastructure, students may not only look for apartments located centrally in the city, but also in surrounding districts (e.g. Burtscheid, Kohlscheid, Haaren, Brand).
We are happy to assist you in finding a place as well as we can. Below you can find recommendations for the first steps you should take.

Information provided by the RWTH Aachen University - Accommodation Services for International Students and Accommodation in Aachen

For your own safety, please do not make any payments in advance before having visited the property, signed a lease contract, and met the landlord. If the landlord wants to send the keys via mail or requests payments via money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram, TNT or Moneybookers, please do not respond - these are further hints of an attempt to defraud you.

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