Master's Prep Courses for MME-CAME & CAME

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Deadline: 30 June
Course Dates: The MPC take place between August and October.


Study format:
Preparatory Course
Admission to M.Sc. CAME or MME-CAME
The courses will be held by professors and research assistants of RWTH Aachen University
Course fees:
EUR 750,00 per technical course

The Master's Prep Courses for Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering (CAME) and Management and Engineering in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering (MME-CAME) are an offer for students admitted to the M.Sc. programs M.Sc. CAME and M.Sc. MME-CAME. The offered bridging courses provide excellent preparation for your future studies at RWTH Aachen University. A Master’s degree program at the RWTH Aachen University requires a very advanced and specialized level of technical knowledge. To obtain this level, the Master's Prep Courses offer you bridging courses, as well as scientific guidance and intense social support.

In addition to excellent preparation, you can rely on social and organisational support during your first weeks in the city of Aachen. The Master’s Prep Courses were developed by the RWTH International Academy in close cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

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Lisa Portz

Mrs. Lisa Portz
Master's Prep Coordinator