Master's Prep Courses

Registration Deadline: May 30, 2021 (Non-EU applicants) and July 30, 2021 (EU applicants)
Course Dates: The MPCs take place between August and October.

Prepare yourself for your engineering Master’s degree program at RWTH International Academy. Get a head start and fulfill your academic requirements with a thorough preparation during the Master’s Prep Courses. Close any knowledge gaps and have a smooth transition into your successful Master’s studies!

Fees and Expenses

Digital Master's Prep Courses

The courses take place in our modern and professional film studio, which offers many possibilities to make the courses interactive and accessible.

As a participant in the Master’s Prep Courses you can
Refresh and deepen your knowledge
Fulfill academic requirements directly at the beginning of your studies
Get accustomed to RWTH Aachen University’s learning and teaching standard
Follow the courses online from the comfort of your own home
Enjoy our social events especially planned for you.
Simply, benefit from a great head start to your studies at RWTH.

Insight into our Online Classes


Study format:
Preparatory Course
Admission to one of our M.Sc. Degree Programs
The courses will be held by professors and research assistants of RWTH Aachen University.
Course fees:
EUR 750,00 per technical course
Mathematics III - Course Contents
Machine Design II - Course Contents
Mechanics III - Course Contents

In addition to excellent preparation, you can rely on social and organisational support during your first weeks in the city of Aachen. The Master’s Prep Courses (MPCs) were developed by the RWTH International Academy in close cooperation with RWTH Aachen’s Textile Engineering department (ITA), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

To prepare you for your M.Sc. Degree Program we offer the courses Mathematics III, Machine Design II, and Mechanics III. All MPCs are available for all our M.Sc. programs.

Flyer - Engineering Master's Prep Courses 2021 | pdf, 2 MiB


Mrs. Alina Keßler
Master's Prep Coordinator