The advancement of digitalization and the widespread networking of devices and systems opens new automation and optimization potentials. Terms like Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) address technologies and concepts to realize the next generation of networked sensing capabilities and data propagation. For the industrial domain, these terms have been further specialized (e. g. cyber physical production systems). Thereby, the changes are characterized by manufacturing entities that are, on all levels, autonomous, in the sense that they incorporate planning systems and adjust themselves in response to changing environments.


Different Education Levels

This certification program on CPS and Intelligent Robotics (CPS-IR) provides methodical (a systematic toolbox of concepts and approaches) and technological (knowledge and implementation solutions) skills. Further, you will learn how to identify application areas of CPS as well as robotics in your company and how to encounter technological challenges with suitable methods.

We offer this course in three different education levels so that you can choose according to your own needs.

Short Intensive Certificate Course
Advanced Certificate Course
Expert Training