Robotics at the RWTH Aachen University

Intelligent machines constantly immerse every aspect of professional and private life. Experts expect an exponential increase in the influence of such machines on everyday life in the coming years. The extent of the changes will strongly influence the way organisations and individuals do their daily work.

While robotic automation is increasingly finding its way into large, modern production facilities, small and medium-sized enterprises are in particular need to find the right strategies to take advantages of machine intelligence, for automation and integration into existing processes.

With seminars such as Roadmap2Automation, Scrum, Introduction to Sensor Technology and Smart Cognition, competencies for robotics beginners, technical experts and managers are imparted. The seminars are under the scientific direction of the Institute of Gear Technology, Machine Dynamics and Robotics at RWTH Aachen University and conducted by staff members of the institute.

The Course Offer


Everything in technical product development



Robotic Operation - Your way to automation for production / logistics

Selection of a Driverless Transport System

Systematic analysis of automation solutions

Interconnection of Robot Systems

Cooperation in collaborative robotics


Smart Cognition

Robot-based environmental perception in factory 4.0


Introduction to Sensor Technology

Project-specific selection of a sensor network for mobile robot applications


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