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Modules & Curriculum

Module 1 Laser Safety and Optics

In this first module an overview of the course is provided and the E-Learning system, ILIAS, is introduced. The fundamentals of optics are taught and successful participants qualify as dental laser safety officers.

Module 2 Dosimetry, Caries Fluorescence Diagnostics, Laser Physics and Literature Research

The principles of fluorescence based caries diagnostics and dosimetry calculation are taught. The key subjects of laser technology are introduced and the foundations for the scientific master thesis ae laid.

Module 3 Erbium Laser

An introduction to the physical and technical properties of Er:YAG and Er, Cr: YSGG lasers and their application is provided. Laser-tissue interactions for these wavelengths are also discussed. Skill training on models and patients is held.

Module 4 Low-Level Laser Therapy, Medical Statistics I, Colloqium

The technical-physical principles of low-level diode lasers are conveyed and skill training is conducted on models and patients. Medical statistics for the interpretation of preclinical and clinical results are introduced.

Module 5 Diode Lasers, Photodynamic Therapy

Participants learn the technical-physical principles of diode lasers and their application. The clinical indications of diode lasers are introduced and demonstrations as well as skill training and patient treatment are performed.

Module 6 Nd.: YAG Lasers

Participants are familiarized with the principles of Nd: YAG lasers and their interaction with tissue is discussed. All relevant clinical indications of Nd:YAG lasers are introduced and applied in skill training on both models and patients.

Module 7 CO2  Lasers and Medical Statistics II

The application of CO2 lasers is presented. All relevant clinical indications of CO2 lasers are introduced, demonstrated and then practiced. In medical statistics II the ability to assess preclinical and clinical results is extended.

Module 8 Marketing and Colloquium

A profound understanding of communication techcniques appropriate for dental practice is provided, including patient acquisition through effective communication and markteting strategies.

Module 9 

Preparation and compilation of a master thesis on a laser dental topic, within a defined time frame, is required. Scientific and clinical results must be correctly incorporated.

Module 10 Documentation of Clinical Case Studies

Applying the principles learnt and trainig received in modules three to eight, patients are treated using approved treatment protocols in the participant´s own practice.