Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry

NEXT START: October 11, 2021

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Study format:
2 years
Credit points:
Master of Science


In cooperation with the Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ), RWTH International Academy offers the postgraduate master programme M. Sc. "Lasers in Dentistry". The course offers dentists the opportunity to become highly qualified specialists in the area of laser therapy. The programme is recognised and accredited in Germany and the European Union, as well all countries that are signatories of the "Washington Accord".

The two-year master programme "Lasers in Dentistry" comprises ten individual, self-contained modules. The programme goal is a specialisation of dental practitioners to experts in laser therapy.

This postgraduate, executive education course combines lectures, skill training sessions, live OPs, tutorials and practical workshops. Additionally, the study course includes extensive literature research, homework and laboratory work, patient treatment as well as documentation and practical experiments. Under the intensive supervision of post-doctorate employees, participants are introduced to successful and correct practical applications of lasers.

This qualification innovatively links the disciplines of life-science, medicine and natural sciences. Research and teaching meet the highest quality standards and are provided in close interdisciplinary cooperation between dentistry and physics.

What to expect?