Curriculum & Modules

The M.Sc. Laboratory Animal Science is a two year, part-time study course for which, on successful completion, 90 ECTS credit points are awarded. The curriculum has been designed to enable international students to study a comprehensive range of topics adjacent to their careers and, therefore, combines e-learning with attendance sessions.

In the first three semesters subjects taken from three compulsory thematic blocks (55 ECTS) are taught:

Ethics and Legislation in relation to the use of laboratory animal
Management & planning of animal facilities and animal experiments
Laboratory animal science

Lectures are held in the form of webinars, outside regular office hours, throughout each of the first three semesters and are accessed by students via the internet. The webinars are complemented by home study in the form of literature reviews and homework.

At the end of each of these semesters there is a compulsory 9 - 10 day attendance block in Aachen during which skill training is performed in Aachen University Hospital’s facilities, group discussions are held and case studies are conducted. Furthermore, there are excursions to other leading laboratory animal facilities.  

Additionally, during the first three semesters, an elective course (5 ECTS) must be completed.


The fourth semester is dedicated to the completion of a science based Master Thesis (30 ECTS). The thesis can be literature based or based upon experimental data generated. Each student has access to an academic supervisor for the completion of the thesis and the suitability of the chosen topic should be addressed with the supervisor prior to commencement.

Progress is monitored throughout the course. Grades from examinations, homework, presentations and talks, as well as the master thesis, all contribute to the overall course score. Various examination formats are used throughout the course, e.g. multiple-choice or full written form, and may be held online or during the presence modules. Students will be given ample notice of impending tests.  Formal details are available in the course examination rules.