Course Format

This part-time course has been designed to maintain the highest educational standards whilst minimizing absence from the regular work place.  A blended learning concept, which incorporates e-learning with short attendance blocks, enables participants to receive the highest level of academic and practical training whilst limiting time away from home.

Attendance is required during the one day opening ceremony in September. On this day applicants officially enroll at RWTH Aachen University, receive an introduction to the e-learning systems, and enjoy a get-together with the course directors and fellow students.

In the first three semesters twice weekly webinars are held outside regular office hours, typically Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, and supported by an e-media skills lab.

At the end of each of the first three semesters a nine day attendance block is held in Aachen. Each attendance block incorporates two weekends and the working week and provides practical and clinical skill training under expert supervision, as well as excursions to leading laboratory animal science facilities. The elective course Applied Anesthesia and Microsurgery requires an additional two days of attendance which are usually scheduled in conjunction with one of the semester attendance blocks in order to minimize travel.

The fourth semester will be dedicated to the completion of a scientific master thesis.

Successful graduates are also offered the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony.
It is anticipated that, with max. 25 students per course, lively group discussions can be held and a high level of supervision provided.