Fees, Expenses and Scholarships

The fees for the three-week programme Robotics for Future Industrial Applications amount to 2,800.00 EUR.

Course Fees - What's included?

Please note:

This year, there are some RWTH International Academy-Scholarships available for highly qualified students. Female applicants are strongly encouraged.

Since we can only offer a limited number of Scholarships it can be possible that you might not receive a Scholarship even though your educational performance is outstanding.

In that case we would still be happy to welcome you as a regular participant. Please let us know while applying if this would be an option for you - simply click the according box in the scholarship application form! This will give you a further possibility to become part of this excellent programme.

Scholarships - Eligible Countries and Universities
Scholarships - What's included?

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Please note that the application deadline for SCHOLARSHIPS has already expired.