German Language Courses

Learning German is essential for your integration into society and pursuing internships or job opportunities in Germany after you graduate.

This M.Sc. program is therefore targeted at highly motivated students who are interested in becoming part of Germany's extensive textile network, either in industry or as a Research Assistant for doctoral studies at  RWTH Aachen's Institute for Textile Technology (ITA). Learning German is essential for these positions, so this course includes both German as well as English modules to prepare you for this. Most of the compulsory courses (except for two) are taught in English, while some of the elective courses and research projects are taught in German. You must already have acquired basic German language skills (A1) by the time you enroll at the University to be able to continue a set German language program throughout your studies.

1) German A1 Language Course - Before Your Master's

You can to acquire the mandatory German A1 level six weeks before your Master's program. RWTH International Academy offers Master's preparatory courses for Textile students, including a free A1 German Course and fee-based technical courses (see below).

2) German Language Program - During Your Master's

You will begin your studies with A1 German and take one GER level at RWTH Aachen's Language Center each semester (A2 in your first Winter Semester, B1 in Summer Semester and B2 in your second Winter Semester).

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