Production Systems Engineering

Nationals of the European Union and "Bildungsinländer" can now apply until July 15, 2018. Apply here for the Winter Semester 2018/19! Find our step-by-step guide for your application at RWTH Aachen University here.

The English-taught program Master of Science in Production Systems Engineering builds upon its students' existing qualifications and extends their knowledge in the fields of materials, manufacturing processes, process and product engineering, manufacturing system design, manufacturing competitiveness, and management. Skills, such as leading and working in project teams and effective communication, will be strengthened. Thanks to extensive laboratory experience, graduates are enabled to perform fundamental or applied research, to identify vital work steps, and to communicate the results of their research. The master's degree awarded by the RWTH Aachen University is globally recognised and qualifies graduates for consecutive PhD studies.

A production engineer is someone who...
  • provides quantitative analytical methods for process analysis, continuous improvement, and design of production systems
  • designs, directs, optimises, and monitors production processes (lean buffering design, efficient raw material processing, product quality, etc.)
  • develops and improves mathematical modelling of serial production lines and assembly systems in the manufacturing process
  • analyses modelling results to improve the manufacturing performance and to identify process bottlenecks or buffering issues
  • selects or develops the adequate innovative production machines and assembly systems for state-of-the-art manufacturing planning make a difference. Is this you?

Our Engineering graduates...

  • work at companies such as Anvis, BASF, Continental, Fiat, Ford, Kautex, Liebherr, Rolls Royce, Toyota, Volkswagen
  • are very successful on the job market: half of our graduates find employment within a month of graduating and two thirds within three months
  • increase their salary by more than 50% (about 40 %)

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Study format:
M.Sc. degree programme
2 years
Credit points:
120 CP (from WS 19/20)
Course fees:
4,900 euros per semester (from WS 19/20)
M.Sc. (RWTH)
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