M.Sc. Production Systems Engineering

Attention: Obtaining a full M.Sc. degree in PSE will not be possible from winter semester 2020/21. Degree seeking students, please apply for the M.Sc. program Networked Production Engineering (NPE).

The academic leadership of the study program has created a new, improved program to move to the future. M.Sc. Networked Production Engineering (NPE) is our latest program to create, design, and manage the production technologies of the future.

The new Master's program “Networked Production Engineering” (NPE) offers a unique curriculum and three specializations that represent three of the most important trend topics of our time in production engineering: Smart Factory, Electric Mobility and Additive Manufacturing. The aim of the new program is to provide graduates with the in-depth knowledge and tools necessary to shape the production technology of tomorrow.

Why choose M.Sc. Networked Production Engineering?
What makes NPE so special?
What differentiates M.Sc. NPE from the former M.Sc. PSE?