M.Sc. Production Systems Engineering

Attention: Obtaining a full M.Sc. degree in PSE will not be possible from winter semester 2020/21. Degree seeking students, please apply for the M.Sc. program Networked Production Engineering (NPE).

The academic leadership of the study program has created a new, improved program to move to the future. M.Sc. Networked Production Engineering (NPE) is our latest program to create, design, and manage the production technologies of the future.

Why choose M.Sc. NPE?

Three different tracks:

  • Smart Factory: Designing the factory systems of the future
  • Electric Mobility Production: Creating the most modern means of transport
  • Additive Manufacturing: Producing the latest technologies and materials

All tracks contain some of the most relevant and essential topics for the industry in Germany, Europe, and around the globe.

Extended Mobility Window:

  • Opportunity for a compulsory internship or
  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject matter
  • If chosen, the internship is compulsory

Start building your professional network early  to increase your chances of finding a job soon after graduation.

The modules are continuously  updated and focus on the most recent developments
All professors and lecturers are keenly involved in different companies and the industry activities
Mandatory German Courses prepare oneself for a future career in Germany
Four semesters:

  • more time to amplify knowledge
  • more opportunities for building connections and meeting professionals