M.Sc. Production Systems Engineering

Non-EU Applicants: December 3 - March 1

EU Applicants: March 2 - July 15


Study format:
M.Sc. Degree Program
1,5 years (3 semesters)
B.Sc./ B.Tech./ B.Eng. & 1 year work experience
Credit points:
120 ECTS
Course fees:
EUR 4,500 per semester
M.Sc. (RWTH)
A production engineer is someone who...
  • provides quantitative analytical methods for process analysis, continuous improvement, and design of production systems
  • designs, directs, optimises, and monitors production processes (lean buffering design, efficient raw material processing, product quality, etc.)
  • develops and improves mathematical modelling of serial production lines and assembly systems in the manufacturing process
  • analyses modelling results to improve the manufacturing performance and to identify process bottlenecks or buffering issues
  • selects or develops the adequate innovative production machines and assembly systems for state-of-the-art manufacturing planning
...to make a difference. Is this you?

Our Engineering Graduates of all programs...

  • work at companies such as Anvis, BASF, Continental, Fiat, Ford, Kautex, Liebherr, Rolls Royce, Toyota, Volkswagen
  • are very successful on the job market: half of our graduates find employment within a month of graduating and two thirds within three months
  • increase their salary by more than 50% (about 40 %)


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Program Details
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