This section is intended to provide interested applicants and enrolled master students with important information about academics as well as rules and regulations in academic matters.

Please find the track specific curricula under the section Program Structure.

Academic Calendar

All RWTH International Academy Master's degrees start early October of each year.

The German academic year is made up of a winter and a summer semester. Lectures are held until the middle of February in the winter semester and until the middle of July in the summer semester. Most exams are held in the lecture-free period (mid February to the end of March/mid July to the end of September).

For more info, check the RWTH Aachen University Academic Calendar.

Winter Semester 1 October 31 March
Summer Semester 1 April 30 September
Exams Winter Semester mid Feb. end March
Exams Summer Semester mid July end Sept.
Examination Regulations



Caroline Schulze-Oeing
Study Course Coordinator


RWTH Online Manual | pdf, 2 MiB
MME-CAME Examination Regulations (dt) | pdf, 208 KiB
General Examination Regulations (legally not binding English version) | pdf, 2 MiB
MME-CAME Curriculum (Tentative for Intake 2019) | pdf, 19 KiB
MME-CAME Module Catalogue | pdf, 1 MiB

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