Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will answer the most frequently asked questions about the application and admission process. You can also find detailed information about all our M.Sc. programs at our website here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any further detailed question via E-Mail:

General Information

M.Sc. Degree Programs

What is the difference between RWTH Aachen University and RWTH International Academy?
Which bachelor degrees are required to study a master program at RWTH International Academy?
Where can I find information about the master programs?
What is the average cost of study at RWTH International Academy?
What language skills do I need for the Master’s Degree Programs?
Do I have to learn German to be accepted to your courses?
How can I learn German at RWTH Aachen University?
Do I need GRE/GATE?
Is work experience mandatory in order to apply?
Which experiences count as work experience?
Does RWTH International Academy offer any scholarships?
What grade do I need for admission?
What do I have to consider as an international applicant?
What is the difference between admission and enrollment?
How successful are RWTH students in finding employment after graduation?

Application Process

M.Sc. Degree Programs

How do I apply for Master’s studies as an international student?
Can I apply for more than one program?
What documents do I need to send to RWTH Aachen University?
What about additional exams as admission requirements, how do I know if I have to pass any and until when can I do so?
What do I have to enter for ‘Intermediate Exam’?
What do I fill in for ‘Grade’, only the grade received or a score out of total?
What do I have to fill in for 2nd and 3rd Subject?
How do I upload two recommendation letters, if there is only one upload field?
I am unable to upload a certificate of English language proficiency. What can I do?
Where do I find my application number?
What is my matriculation number and my TIM-ID?
Is it possible to hand in some documents after the application deadline?
Can I still apply for the next intake, even if the deadline has already passed?
When will I be informed about the result of my application?
Have my application documents been received?
I was not granted admission. What can I do to improve my chances of admission?

After Admission

M.Sc. Degree Programs

Is there a possibility of deferring the tuition fees? What if my financial situation changes during studies?
Who will help me with the search for an apartment?/ Where can I live in Aachen?
What is covered by the semester ticket?
Are there any offers to students to help them prepare for their studies?
When does the semester begin and when are semester breaks?
Who do I contact for questions about grades and grade registrations?
Where can I find the module descriptions of the different study programs?
Where can I find my timetable?
How large are classes?
What extracurricular opportunities are available?
How can I get a Hiwi job? / Can I work while studying?

Senior Students & Alumni

M.Sc. Degree Programs

Who do i need to contact when the credit points in rwthOnline are wrong or added incorrectly?
Where can I receive a certificate of exmatriculation?
What do I need to do when I need assessment accommodations due to my disability/chronical illness?
Why do the emails I send to the administrative staff of RWTH Aachen University remain unanswered?
How does Covid-19 affect the exam and thesis regulations?
Where can I apply for my Residence Permit after graduating?
    M.Sc. Programs