Career Services and Networks

The International Academy's Career Services offer an extensive array of consultations, trainings, events and networking opportunities for students of the master programmes at RWTH International Academy. It’s our goal to support our students with their career entry in Germany and provide them with valuable contacts.

Therefore, the team of the RWTH International Academy conducts for example application seminars on a regular basis, where you will receive all necessary information in order to prepare your application documents properly. One of these workshops that is being offered regularly is the "How to apply" workshop or CV Check Events conducted by company representatives. You are also kindly invited to arrange a personal CV check with us via email or in person.

In addition, we organize our yearly Career Day event as well as our new format Networking Night, during which our students have the chance to get to know several German companies.

Furthermore, we offer excursions and company visits to various German firms in order to give the students specialized insights into different companies and to get first-hand information on their job perspectives.

We are continuously working to further improve our career services for our international students.

Networking | Field Trips

The RWTH International Academy organizes different excursions per semester for our international student community. An excursion usually includes a factory visit, a talk to HR representatives and a company presentation, as well as a city tour and some social events. Thus our excursions combine both, a learning experience and a social and fun experience in a very attractive way.
Once a year, the International Academy hosts a Career Day. It includes
key note speeches from representatives of the RWTH Aachen University and Maastricht School of Management, from industrial companies and international graduates, and it provides round tables for direct contact, discussion and exchange with our guests from industry and academia.

Company Visits

In the past, we visited the following companies. Every year, we work keenly on developing our portfolio further.

Companies we visited

Tips on German applications and CV's

When applying for a job in Germany, it is essential to know how to create a German standard CV and cover letter. The following links and downloads give you guidance on what needs to be considered.

If you should have any questions or wish for an individual CV check, please contact us!

How to Apply?

Internships | Student Jobs

Working on campus or doing an internship while studying offers valuable experiences for international students. In the following, we would like to give you some guidance and advice on how to search for a position and how to apply. It is also important to consider the legal framework and university rules.
How to find Student/Scientific Assistant (Hiwi) Positions
How to find Internship Positions
Earning money - Legal framework

Listed below, please find the latest job announcements for internships and HiWi positions. If you would like to publish your job announcement here, please contact us!

Job Offers for Internships | Student Jobs
Master/Mini Thesis Offers

Residence Permit for Job Search

To be able to search for a job in Germany, a residence permit for the time after completion of studies can be applied for. This permit for job seeking purposes can be obtained for a maximum period of 18 months. Please note that you cannot continue your education once you have been issued a residence permit for job seeking.

PhD Studies

There is more than one way to get your doctoral title in Germany. Depending on the subject, research proposal and type of university, there are several possible paths to a PhD, the most common of which are individual doctoral studies and structured PhD programmes. The majority of doctoral candidates in Germany pursue PhDs through individual doctoral study, yet structured PhD programmes are becoming increasingly common [Source: DAAD].

More information on further PhD studies and a career in academia are available here:

PhD students

Searching for Engineering Jobs

If you are looking into developing your career in Germany, you can use the below job search portals to find open positions in your field of interest. All graduates of the RWTH Aachen University can also seek consultation at the RWTH Aachen Career Center and the Center for Doctoral Studies.

Job Search Engines
Job Offers
    M.Sc. Programs      
Useful hints for a successful application | pdf, 2 MiB
Sample Cover Letter | pdf, 69 KiB
Sample CV | pdf, 92 KiB

RWTH International Academy Career Day 2016

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