One of the services that the Master Office provides to new students is assistance in finding accommodation. RWTH International Academy offers new flat-shares with fully furnished rooms at Oppenhoffallee. An information broschure about our flat-share is available for download. Please find more about our accommodation project here: https://housing-aachen.de/.

Students may also choose to live in a student dormitory or in private accommodation, a shared flat - a cheap and fun alternative to the dormitories.

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  • University admission does not guarantee reservation in a student residence. Accommodation must be organized separately.
  • As soon as you know you will be coming to Aachen: start looking for accommodation.
  • You can apply for a student dorm without being enrolled.
  • Most students pay between EUR 300 - EUR 400 monthly rent in Aachen.
  • The most popular accommodation search platform is: WGgesucht
  • Find useful tips for your first contact with a landlady/landlord here.
  • Be fast! Contact the person who is listed as responsible for the room/flat as soon as you can. Waiting an hour or so, may jeopordise your chances.


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