Academics & Administration

This section is intended to provide enrolled master students with important information as well as rules and regulations in academic matters: e.g.the academic calendar, examination regulations, examination registration, master thesis examination, documents to download, important buildings and contact persons (e.g. Super C, Department of Mechanical Engineering)


In order to be awarded the Master of Science degree, CAME students have to complete the following course elements as part of their master studies (see also the tabular curriculum as PDF on the right).

Curriculum: Conception of Machines
Curriculum: Production of Machines
Curriculum Changes

Module Handbook

Please refer to the CAMPUS system of the RWTH Aachen University to find detailed descriptions for the modules of the study programme and a weekly schedule.

The most recent module catalogue as well as module handbook are provided on the right hand side of this page. Please be aware that the curriculum and its modules are adapted regularly to ensure a modern and up-to-date content of the Master's degree programme.

Examination Regulations

The examination regulations are the legal basis of your course of studies: they determine the scope of your studies and inform about all rules and regulations regarding admission, exams, course structure, master thesis etc. These rules are regularly updated. Please refer to the version as indicated for your year of intake.

Academic Calender

The Master's degree programmes are organized in winter semesters (beginning 1 October) and summer semesters (beginning 1 April). Intakes are only possible in the winter semester. Lectures are held in the winter semester until mid-February and in the summer semester until mid-July. Most exams are given in the lecture-free period (mid-February to end of March and mid-July to end of September). For all important dates of the academic year, please take a look at the Academic Calendar of the RWTH Aachen University.

CAMPUS Office System

The CAMPUS system is an online system that provides information about all study programmes, lectures, weekly schedules etc. Moreover, students can log into their own CAMPUS Office portal to register for lectures and exams or to generate a current study transcript:

Weekly Schedule in Campus Office

Get an idea about the first semester schedule for either study specialization by clicking on the following downloads:


All matters concerning examinations are dealt with by the ZPA - the Central Examinations Office. The ZPA is your contact point for:

Overview of Contact Points

It is always good to know the important addresses and office hours of your contact points, which will play an important role during your studies. Take a look below at who you can turn to with your questions or concers or where to find this and that in everyday university life.

Contact Points
Super C - The Studyfunctional Center

Master Thesis

The master thesis is the final examination to complete your studies. Students have a maximum duration of four months to complete their master thesis (minimum duration is 2 months). You need to formally register your master thesis with the master thesis registration sheet. Please note that you need to fill in the German "Erfassungsbogen" (the English version is not valid anymore, but you can use it for your understanding). As a requirement, students need to have completed at least 92 CP in order to register their master thesis. For further details please see the examination regulations.

Mini Thesis

As part of the CAME curriculum, students have to complete a mini thesis with a workload of 260 hours workload (9 CP). Students use the mini thesis recording sheet to keep track of their project progress. Please note that you need to fill in the German "Erfassungsbogen" (the English version is not valid anymore, but you can use it for your understanding).


The completion of a 9-week industrial internship is an integral part of the CAME programme and designed for students to gain further practical experience in the industry. To prepare for the industrial internship, please read the following information material carefully.

Internship Information Material
Academic Transcripts and M.Sc. Certificate

Time to Celebrate - Your Graduation

After successful completion of your studies, it is time to celebrate! Here you find more information about the Graduation celebrations:

Graduation Celebration
Tentative CAME Curriculum - from 2016 on | pdf, 57 KiB
Tentative CAME Module Catalogue - from 2016 on | pdf, 843 KiB
Tentative CAME Module Handbook - from 2016 on | pdf, 2 MiB
CAME Curriculum | pdf, 331 KiB
CAME Module Catalogue | pdf, 842 KiB
Mini Thesis Recording Sheet | pdf, 1 MiB
Master Thesis Registration Sheet | pdf, 2 MiB

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