Information for Admitted Students

First Steps after Admission

In order to prepare for your upcoming studies in Aachen, you will need to tackle a number of organizational question. This page provides you with an overview of all necessary steps that need to be completed before travelling to Germany.

First Steps after Admission
Master’s Prep CAME

Introduction Days

Many events are held for international students coming to Aachen. These events are organised by various institutions and are of academic, administrative, or cultural forcus!

The first events for you will be Welcome Meeting + Health Insurance Sign-Up and the Enrolment at RWTH Aachen University.

Tentative Schedule for the CAME intake 2018:

*Please note that all students without German knowledge (below A1 Level) must arrive in Aachen latest by 27 August 2018 in order to participate in an intensive German language course during the month of September. They are the so-called Early Arrivers.

First Steps after Arrival

Following your arrival in Aachen, there will be a number of important things to take care of:

  • Register in the city of Aachen with your new address. More info.
  • Apply for Residence Permit: Visit the municipal immigration office (Ausländeramt) to apply for a residence permit.The entry visa is generally valid for only a few weeks after you enter Germany so that you have enough time to apply for the residence permit. You must however apply in due time: dealing with the application procedure one month before the expiry date at the latest is strongly recommended by the Immigration Office. More Info.
  • Open a bank account. Most commonly, either Sparkasse Aachen or Deutsche Bank are chosen. More info.

A very central and important bureaucratic step is enrolment at the university. After enrolment, you are an official student of the RWTH Aachen University.

Health Insurance Registration and Welcome Meeting

A health insurance is compulsory for your enrolment. As a service, we provide you with the opportunity to sign up for the public health insurance (or apply for an exemption) with our partner ‘Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)’. This can be done during the welcome meeting at the following dates: 28 August 2018 or 25 September 2018.

Your Enrollment

Documents needed for enrolment

You must bring the follwoing documents to the enrolment session:

  • A valid passport. EU citizens can alternatively present their identity card,
  • Letter of admission to the RWTH Aachen University,
  • Original Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificates or certificates of equivalent degrees,
  • Translations of your degree certificates and academic record/transcript with grades, translated by a certified translator recognized by the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country. The translation agency may be located in Germany as well,
  • Originals of your language certificates,
  • Certification of your health insurance from a public Germany health insurance provider,
  • If you were enrolled at a German university in the past: proof of deregistration or exmatriculation from that university,
  • If your letter of admission included a list of missing documents still to be submitted or presented at the enrolment, such as language certificates or academic records, please provide these documents

Along with your admission, you will also receive a full list of all required documents.

Formalities to be Completed after Enrolment

Following your enrolment at the RWTH Aachen University, you will receive various documents and need to follow certain steps to complete your registration at the university and to activate your IT services. More information:

Formalities to be Completed after Enrolment
Enrolment Information | pdf, 307 KiB
Health Insurance Information | pdf, 1 MiB
German Course Information CAME | pdf, 161 KiB

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