Upcoming Events

Let's Take a Walk


How have you been doing? We would like to know about your first two weeks in Aachen. And where better to do that than on a relaxing walk?

Join us on a walk to the border triangle and experience three different European contries in one spot!

Intercultural Workshop


For our Master's College participants we will organize an Intercultural Workshop. Take the opportunity to develop your intercultural competence and get to know about your fellow student's home countries.

Research Centre Jülich


Join us on our trip to the research center in Jülich.

1) Opening & Presentation of the research center Jülich
2) Tour of the Jülicher Supercomputing Center
3) Viewing of the particle accelerator COSY
4) Farewell

Statistical Physics


To support our future M.Sc. Physics students in preparing for the additional exam in Statistical Physics we offer this bridging course.

Dr. Dey and Dr. Kubocz will guide you in daily lectures and exercises through different topics. This way you be prepared for the exam in a tailor-made course. In addition to gaining insight into course related material you will get the chance to get acquainted to the academic system of  RWTH Aachen University step by step.



Together with our Summer School Team we invite you to a delicious and relaxed barbeque event.