Vehicle Acoustics - Noise, Vibration, Harshness

Targeted Design of the Vibration and Acoustics Behavior of Vehicles

Acquire a particular understanding for vehicle-specific acoustic effect mechanisms and learn to implement the respective remedies in a goal-oriented manner for existing problems.

Course Highlights

Comprehensive and holistic understanding of the entire vehicle system
Vehicle-specific acoustic effect mechanisms and remedies for existing problems
Practical transfer of knowledge with numerous application examples
Applying the learned knowledge in your own case study

Group of Participants
Engineers or technicians

  • from the automotive or supplier industry
  • with at least one year of relevant professional experience.

The topic of acoustics is key for developing vehicles achieving high quality standards. The areas of noise, vibration and harshness are essential elements to create a targeted vibration and acoustics behavior.

In five days of attendance, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of automotive acoustics, which will be established through lectures. A deepening takes place by illuminating the industry perspective as well as the processing of a separate case study.

Scientific Lead & Speakers
Module Overview


Study format:
Certificate Course
27.11. - 29.11.2019
3 days
Certificate of attendance