Smart Cognition

Robot-assisted Environmental Perception in the Plant 4.0

Strengthen your skills in efficient plant and production planning by gaining a basic understanding of environmental perception and how robotic units move around. This enables you to design an efficient and safe plant layout.

Course Content

Sensor-based path finding and mapping with robotic units
Optimization of layout and robot sensor systems in the systems in plant 4.0
Hands-on exercises with different sensors in 2D and 3D
Case studies from the networked factory

Group of Participants
You are a technical expert in the fields of factory planning, logistics or robotics.

Driverless transport systems are gaining increasing popularity in modern facilities. Not only do they enable the autonomous transport of goods, they also extend the manipulability of objects. They are regarded as the basic technology for systems that will become increasingly flexible in the future. Even at the design stage, a basic understanding of the robot system can optimize the layout and thus increase the productivity and efficiency of the system.

During the two days of attendance, the participants will develop the characteristics and risks of applied perception and navigation strategies with reference to Appendix 4.0. By illustration, the concepts are explained on real sensor and robot systems.

Further information regarding the seminar "Smart Cognition"

On the first day of the seminar the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction to local and global sensor technology
  • Introduction to Simultaneous Mapping and Localization
  • Exercise: Application examples using common methods (Gmapping, Carthographer)

On the second day of the seminar the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction: Localization on maps
  • Exercise: Application examples using common methods (Monte-Carlo method, AMCL)
  • Practical example from the networked factory 4.0
  • Robot-centric plant optimization and requirements analysis
  • Exercise: Which sensors does my application require?
Module Overview                           


Study format:
Certificate of Attendance

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