Selection of a Driverless Transport System (DTS)

Systematic analysis of Automation Solutions

Gain an overview of the driverless transport systems (DTS) available on the market and their specific areas of application. Taking into account the structural changes that the integration of driverless transport systems entails in the current production process, you will learn methods for the appropriate selection of robots and present different DTS in an interactive simulation.

Course Content

Overview of the driverless transport systems (DTS) available on the market and
    their distinguishing features
Individual selection and application analysis for DTS
Practical illustration via use cases
Behind the scenes: Interactive simulations

Group of Participants
You are an engineer, technician, manager or executive from the fields of mechanical engineering, manufacturing, electrical engineering, IT, digitization, HR, operational and strategic management. You will particularly benefit from this course if you want to introduce or expand driverless transport systems in the field of production, assembly or packaging technology.

Robots are assuming a growing number of tasks in production and logistics. In logistics, for example, the transport of goods is increasingly covered by driverless transport systems. This increases productivity and eases the workload of employees.

The course provides an insight and application-oriented tips when it comes to integrating automated guided vehicles into a production process. Methods for selecting FTS are presented. Participants can use their concrete needs to represent different AGVs in an interactive simulation.

Further information regarding the seminar "Selection of a Driverless Transport System (DTS)"

On the first day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction to automated guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Process automation with AGV in logistics

On the second day of the seminar the following topics will be taught:

  • Selection of AGV measures for the introduction of AGVS
  • Case study
Module Overview                           


Study format:
Certificate of Attendance

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