Agile Approaches in Technical Product Development

Learn to apply the agile process model Scrum onto the technical development process. In addition, you will learn to master the steps from the creation of the backlog, the estimation of effort up to the execution of the sprints and make your success measurable.

Course Content

Introduction to the agile procedure model Scrum
Application of Scrum using the example of automation technology
Memorable case studies
Interactive team simulations for day-to-day technical development

Group of participants
You are an employee of a technical profession or work in the engineering sector at related departments.

The development of modern technical products increasingly requires the cooperation of specialists from different disciplines. At the same time, worldwide competition in globalized markets demands a dynamic and equally high-quality development process. In order to meet these requirements, Scrum offers an agile process model that supports the necessary flexibility and speed.

The two-day course will be taught via theory blocks, practical case studies and team simulations. The theoretical parts explain the basic features of Scrum, which are then directly implemented and deepened in the practical part. The course will be rounded off by the moderated simulation of a comprehensive new product development on the second day.

Further information regarding the seminar "Scrum"

On the first day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Agile manifesto and methods
  • Exercises: "Comparison of conventional and agile methods" and "Scrum in prototyping" as well as "UseCases and UserStories" and "Agile estimation and sprint planning"
  • Introduction Scrum
  • Requirements analysis
  • Product Backlog and Sprint

On the second day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Roles in Scrum
  • Exercises: "Implementing Roles Correctly" and "Scrum for Technical Development"
  • Sprint - Planing, Daily Meeting, Review and Retrospektive
  • Quality factors and success measurement
Module Overview                           


Study format:
Certificate of Attendance
German or English

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