Introduction to Sensor Technology

Project-specific Selection of a Sensor Network for Mobile Robot Applications

Gain an overview of the field of sensor technology and the project-specific composition of a sensor network. Risks and characteristics of local and global sensor systems can be assessed and applied in a targeted manner.

Course Contents

Overview of sensor technology in an industrial context
Requirement analysis and risk assessment
Clear visualization of the sensor data on the real system
Practical examples from Industry 4.0

Group of Participants
You are a new professional, a specialist, an engineer from the fields of mechanical engineering, robotics, automotive engineering or plant planning.

Sensor systems are of great importance when using networked systems and in Industry 4.0. In plant design, these systems can only be used in a targeted manner with a certain methodological competence. An improved overview in the field of sensor technology makes budget savings and efficient plant design possible.

Participants develop the characteristics and risks of applied modern sensor technology and sensor networks. All concepts are clearly explained on real sensors.

Further information regarding the workshop "Introduction to Sensor Technology"

  • Introduction to sensor technology
  • Global and local sensor systems
  • System conception pioneering - sensor networks and their application
  • Practical example from the networked factory
Module Overview                           


Study format:
Certificate of Attendance

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