Interconnection of Robot Systems

Cooperation in Collaborative Robotics  

Gain an insight into the networking possibilities of robots in a production line. Learn how robotic perception of other robots within the production line as well as environmental changes can be achieved through appropriate networking (in cloud systems) and how this influences human-involved production lines or changes at workplaces.

Course Content

Configuring and deploying a cloud system for the control of a robot team
Global and local sensor systems
Development of individual application possibilities
Connecting several robot systems in a demo scenario

Group of participants
You are an automation technician, engineer, computer scientist, manager from the fields of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, logistics or production.

Agile, freely networked assembly systems can be characterized by the sensor-supported cooperation of several robots - the foundation of Industry 4.0. In order to develop such a cooperation system, the basics of communication between robot systems and the necessary structure for a central control system are introduced.

Based on the idea of ​​a global superior control system, the basics of cloud computing are developed. The potentials of the central control systems are presented and the questions about the reliability and safety of the systems are explained. This is followed by a discussion of an exemplary scenario and the benefits of this structure. Finally, an outlook is given on the "Digital Shadow" and "Big Data" as well as the corresponding applications in the "Factory of the Future".

Further information regarding the seminar "Interconnection of Robot Systems"

The following topics will be taught on the first day of the seminar:

  • Introduction to central control systems (Cloud Computing)
    • Systematic programming
    • Embedding the control systems in the cloud
  • Global vs. local sensor systems: embedded sensors, global sensor systems
    • Embedded sensoric systems and their application
    • Global sensors and communication strategies

The following topics will be taught on the second day of the seminar:

  • Networking the Robots: Global Vs. local control systems
    • Hierarchical control systems
    • Communication between comprehensive control and local control systems
  • Demo Szenario: Big Data, Digital Shadow
    • Demonstration of a scenario with the introduced hierarchical control
    • Big data and its application
    • Digital shadow
Module Overview                           


Study format:
Certificate of Attendance

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