RWTH Certificate Course Six Sigma Green Belt

Achieving Sustainable Improvements in Companies

Improve business processes and identify hidden potential. Six Sigma's control loop (DMAIC) allows you to filter out decisive improvement measures, make them quantifiable, implement them and, if necessary, transfer them to other business areas.

Course Contents

Methods for structuring problems, tests of hypotheses and creativity techniques
Statistical tools for process and problem analysis
Management and elaboration of quality improvement projects with Minitab
Practical application: innovative case studies and company-specific project

Group of Participants
You are a project manager, quality manager, specialist or manager from the service or manufacturing industry with at least one year of professional experience.

Admission Requirement
Participants must have the opportunity to complete a qualifying Green Belt improvement project at their company and have at least one year of work experience.

Six Sigma offers a framework for action in the systematic planning and effective execution of sustainable improvement projects based on the DMAIC cycle. With the embedded methods, it is possible to identify core causes of difficult problems in processes and to develop sustainable solutions on the basis of statistical analyses. Above all, measurable results are achieved in the areas of process cost and waste reduction as well as in the reduction of throughput times.

The course consists of two presence modules of four days each and a project phase that takes place between the two modules. In the two attendance phases, knowledge is built on the basis of lectures, group work and case levels and practiced with the statistical software Minitab on the institute's own computers.

In the practical project phase, the participants carry out an independent Six Sigma improvement project in their company.

Examination and Certificate
In this certificate course, the participants have to take part in two exams in order to receive the RWTH certificate: First, a 90-minute multiple-choice exam is taken. After that, the participants have to present their Six Sigma project. Finally, the participants receive the official certificate "Six Sigma Green Belt" of the RWTH Aachen University. This course certificate gives detailed information about the scope and content of the course.

Further information regarding the certificate course "Six Sigma Green Belt"

Module Overview I

On the first day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction Six Sigma, DMAIC cycle, Define Phase
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC), Kano model and decision trees
  • SIPOC and stakeholder analysis
  • Fundamentals of project management

On the second day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Project charter and conclusion Define Phase
  • Identification of individual improvement projects and basics of statistics
  • Introduction to Minitab and Measure Phase

On the third day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Data collection and data quality
  • Measurement system analysis, process stability and capability
  • Indives of effectiveness and efficiency

On the fourth day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction Analyze Phase, 8-MUDA, Techniques for problem structuring (Ishikawa diagram, 5-Times-Why, cause-effect matrix etc.)
  • System, function and dicision tree analysis

Module Overview II

In the second module, the following topics will be taught on a total of four days. For detailed information, see "Module Overview II":

  • Statistical process control (SPC), CUSUM, Multi-variant, correlation and regression analysis
  • Evaluation of statistical experiment methodology (DoE)
  • Failure mode and effects analysis for products (Product FMEA)

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Study format:
Inhouse Program
Credit points:
2 ECTS (50 h. Workload)
RWTH Executive Certificate
German or English

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