RWTH Certificate Course Big Data in Production

Successfully Mastering Large Data Volumes

Experience the difference between "Big Data" and "Industrial Big Data" in the production context. You will gain insight into the integration tools and structures required for highly distributed data analysis. In addition, you will learn the basic structures of Big Data ecosystems and Big Data in the cloud.

Course Contents

Data integration, analysis, and data mining: Big Data and machine learning
Big Data ecosystems: from isolated solution to Industrial Data Lake
Integration of heterogeneous source systems of industrial data
Data-driven procedures and machine learning

Group of Participants
You are an engineer from the fields of mechanical and/or electrical engineering with a basic understanding of data concepts.

Data is the oil of the 21st century, and data analysis is the engine! Despite the multi-faceted collection of production data, the targeted usage of these data is often lacking since data integration and comparative observation are often fraught with difficulties. With the correct analysis, however, data reveal hidden patterns and connections assisting in process optimization and continuous improvement.

The course takes place on five consecutive days and ends with an exam. Course content is developed and consolidated in interactive lectures, group work, presentations and case studies.

Further information regarding the certificate course "Big Data in Production"

First Day: "Introduction to Data Integration, Analysis and Data Mining"

  • Data Analytics in Production, Machine Learning, Big Data Definition, Industrial Big Data Scenarios and Data Ware House

Second Day: "Data Source Systems"

  • Practical session: RDBMS, OPC-UA, DDS, MQTT etc.
  • Hadoop (HDFS/YARN difference)
  • Extracting data from databases

Third Day: "Practical Session"

  • Hive table structure on top of heterogenous data
  • CPS data integration
  • Data driven machine learning

Fourth Day: "From Data Analytics to Big Data"

  • Machine learning on Big Data
  • From Data Analytics to Visual Analytics
  • Target-adaptive visualization and specific problem visual analytics (histogram)

Fifth Day: "Introduction to various visual analytics tools"

  • Practical session web based visual analytics, html, css, d3.js, javascript etc.
  • Holistic use case Big Data/Data Analytics VisAn in a production scenario
  • Transfer of learned issues to specific scenarios of participants

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Study format:
Inhouse Program
RWTH Executive Certificate
German or English

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