RWTH Certificate Course 5G Communication and
the Internet of Things

Real Time Capability and High Data Rates - LTE as a Pioneer

Acquire the principles and technologies of future 5G wireless communication systems. In the areas of system design, communication technology, optimization of LTE systems, RF systems and IoT platform, you will be introduced to methods and tools to create the basis for new products and to succeed in the market.

Course Contents

Holistic concept: from system design over the basics of signal processing to the platform
Optimization and machine learning in 5G LTE
Practical planning game as part of an innovation workshop
Graphical development environment for IoT platforms

Group of Participants
You are an engineer and/or manager with a technical degree in electrical engineering, manufacturing or mechanical engineering.

5G has the potential to support key industries such as healthcare, transportation, revolutionize infrastructure, media and production. This entails important tasks and big challenges: extremely low latency times of 1 millisecond, 100 times higher data rates than today's networks, 100 billion end devices worldwide and low power consumption. The Internet of Things and intelligent networking are important components of 5G. Methods and approaches of this technology open up many new opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The course consists of six subject blocks (lectures with exercises) and a practical training as part of an innovation workshop. In this course, the participants independently develop an IoT system application based on a graphical user interface.

Further information regarding the certificate course "5G Communication and the Internet of Things"

On the first day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Innovation workshop: application of programming tools for 5G, artificial intelligence, networking and sensors; use of a newly developed IoT-board within a team
  • Practice of algorithmic thinking; Rapid prototyping and design thinking
  • Interaction of distributed 5G systems through blueprints and their technical implementaion

On the second day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Overview of the mobile radio generations 1G-5G
  • Technologies of 5G: new radio multiplex technologies, use of spectrum and energy saving mechanisms
  • System design and sensor signal processing
  • Fading channels and modulation schemes
  • Multi-antenna transmission concepts

On the third day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Introduction to modern communication technology
  • High-frequency systems and transmission technology
  • Presentation of the laboratory for high frequency measurement

On the fourth day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Algorithmic artificial intelligence
  • Modelling technical problems as optimisation problems; Machine learning as an optimisation problem
  • Basic algorithms for the efficient solution of 5G optimisation problems
  • Deepening of the aquired knowledge by working on extensive application tasks

On the fifth day of the course the following topics will be taught:

  • Basics of the Internet of Things
  • Machine-to-Machine communication, social and economic significance
  • Technologies and communication standards, IT security
  • Exam and awarding of Certificates
Module Overview                   


Study format:
Inhouse Program
RWTH Executive Certificate
German or English

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