Production Technology at the RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is known as a driver and pioneer in the digitalization of production and impresses with its renowned research results. The focus is on the development of application-oriented solutions that enable the implementation of fully networked and intelligent production systems in practice. The fourth industrial revolution spans the entire product life cycle and is oriented towards increasingly specific customer requirements.

In order to successfully implement Industry 4.0, the focus is on real-time capable and relevant data processing - from product development to series production.

At the RWTH International Academy, we offer various certificate courses in the area of production technology in the categories Technology & Innovation Management, Automation & Control Technology, Digitization and Digital Transformation, Data Science and Industrial Data Processing, as well as Logistics Optimisation.

The Course Offer

Technology & Innovation Management

Develop a consistent strategy and identify new technologies. Learn to further develop these technologies in a goal-oriented manner and to implement innovative business models individually.

Automation & Steering Technology

Learn the basics of automation steering technology by implementing a robot-supported application and learn about current and future trends in automated production and robotics. Master the intelligent control of cyber-physical systems and become a Smart Automation Expert.

Digitization and Digital Transformation

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and create a networked factory: With the support of sensors and optimal programming, you can generate real benefits from data. Work with AR/ VR applications and learn the principles and techniques of future wireless 5G communication and the Internet of Things.

Data Science and Industrial Data Processing

Discover the tools of the data scientist and master large amounts of data competently: from data analytics and cyber-physical systems (CPS) to machine learning and neural networks. Recognise the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 and how you can achieve the digital transformation to Smart Factory in your company.

Logistics Optimisation

Use ROS to develop the basics for navigating industrial robots in production and the intralogistics environment. Learn more about driverless transport systems and how to program and plan paths using the Robot Operating System.

Further Information

The importance of Industry 4.0 for companies, process optimization and automation as well as the technology of digital transformation - these are topics to which RWTH Aachen University has devoted itself in recent years. The factory of the future is envisioned and implemented at numerous institutes. The advancing digitalization and the widespread networking of devices and systems open up completely new possibilities for companies.

In order to successfully implement Industry 4.0 in existing production environments, work and competence profiles of employees must be continuously expanded both at technical and management levels. They must be empowered and motivated to understand cyber-physical systems and intelligent robotics, to recognize their benefits and to integrate them profitably into their daily work.

In our part-time certificate courses, from introductory courses to advanced training for experts, you will experience the effects artificial intelligence, industrial robotics and the digital twin have on increasing the productivity of your new smart production and why they enable consistent process optimization. You will experience hands-on how intelligent digitalisation and machine learning as well as the correct programming, data evaluation and data use can promote intelligent production processes.

In practical learning units, you will develop company-specific solutions, expand special knowledge for complex problem solutions, learn to recognize unconventional contexts and make decisions outside the norm. You will apply newly acquired knowledge directly in the university's laboratories and bring it profitably into everyday business life.

We will be happy to provide you with information about our cooperations and our value proposition, answer questions about our continuing education courses in the frequently asked questions section and familiarize you with our customized courses.

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