Introduction to Aluminum Technology

Construction, Processing and Application of Aluminum Products

Familiarize yourself with the material aluminum or deepen your knowledge in the areas of processing and options for application. Beyond the metallurgic basics, you will receive much greater knowledge about the individual process steps during production and further processing of aluminum products.

Course Highlights

Use of aluminum in automotive construction
Forming technologies and welding procedures
Casting technology: metallurgy and processing
Insight into the research of several institutes of RWTH Aachen

Group of Participants
Experts or newcomers

  • from an aluminum-processing company

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals in use: Its low weight, high strength and formability make it a universal material that is used for the manufacture and further processing of high-quality products. As an interdisciplinary research and development partner for industrial application, the aec offers a pool of highly qualified materials scientists and engineers for future projects.

Through lectures and practical exercises, the entire process chain, from the manufacture of an aluminum component to testing in a drop tower, is completed. It is possible to attend the seminar as needed for 2, 3 or 4 days.

Scientific Lead & Speakers
Module Overview


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upon request
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