From Sensor to App

Generating Usefulness from Data

Learn the basics of the topics sensor technology, control technology, data processing and visualization. Put it to use in real machines. You will be able to conduct independent automation projects, identify relevant partners and put together development teams. You will develop your own app to visualize real time.

Course Highlights

Individual visualizations for your own company
Various possibilities of further processing of data
Practical work on sensors and machines in a model factory
Extracting and evaluating data

Group of Participants
Engineers, technicians, electricians, IT employees

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • production/manufacturing

In the field of Industry 4.0, data play a key role. Merely collecting large amounts of data on the road to digital transformation is hardly efficient since a suitable cross-company strategy for the further processing of the data is rarely in place. Generating economic usefulness from typical Industry 4.0 technologies therefore is only possible as part of a suitable, company-specific strategy of data processing.

On two days of attendance, the basic theoretical knowledge will be built on the basis of lectures and the lessons learned will be implemented in a real machine park using practical examples. Optional and after agreement, graduates will also receive support after the seminar to carry out improvement projects in their own company.

Scientific Lead & Speakers
Module Overview


Study format:
upon request
upon request
Course fees:
upon request
Certificate of attendance
German or English