Targeted Component Design for 3D printing

The Path to Successful FDM Prototypes and Small Series

Familiarize yourself with design guidelines for creating FDM-compliant 3D print parts. You will then be able to adapt the design of components specifically to the manufacturing constraints of FDM printing. You are familiar with design strategies for minimizing distortion, joining techniques with materials from classic series production and approaches for the integration of standard parts. You can exploit the maximum potential of this technology and develop mechanically resilient and economically optimized FDM components.

Course Content

Practical design rules and guidelines for successful FDM-3D printing
Production-oriented component design, avoidance of printing errors, versatile
    joining techniques
Practical instructions for the design of functional components, joining technologies,
    combination strategies with conventional manufacturing processes and much more
Sample projects & hands-on testing of your own design

Group of Participants
You are a designer, product manager, product developer or product designer from the fields of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, product development or product design. You will particularly benefit from this course if you work in the plastics-processing consumer goods industry (automotive, household appliances, tools), in assembly and production planning (jig and fixture construction) or if you require mechanical prototypes for a start-up.

New manufacturing technologies require a shift in the design of injection-molded components. Relevant design guidelines make it possible to exploit the potential of 3D printing and successfully develop and produce functional prototypes or small series.

Short theoretical lectures take place alternating with the accompanying application. The seminar achieves a particularly sustainable learning effect through a variety of positive and negative examples, which can be inspected as printed exhibits by the participants.

Further information regarding the workshop "Targeted Component Design for 3D printing"

  • Introduction: Design Methodology/ Production-oriented component design
  • Procedural restrictions, process-related restrictions and avoidance of component distortion
  • Prototypical failure analysis, joining techniques and combination of FDM with classic manufacturing processes
  • Discussion and outlook
Module Overview                   


Study format:
Certificate of Attendance

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